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Why I’m Switching to Iris Works

This is the year! I had always said that I wouldn’t automate my business. I wanted to make sure that I was the one sending out the emails so that they felt like everything was personal and knew I was there for them.

Wanna hear the ironic thing? Because of that, I fell down on the job and wasn’t there for them.

There were times that emails needed to go out months before they did. I had my absolute busiest year ever and that’s when I decided to get a CRM (client relationship management) software and that’s when Meredith and Iris Works came to the rescue!

I know that you’re probably on the fence, so before you lose all momentum like I did this year, please read these as I know so many of you will relate!

I Like to Plan My Sessions And Get to Know My Clients

I am a planner!! I get all flustered if I don’t know what my clients are wearing, what locations they’ve seen before that they like, what their interests are, where they want to go to college or do after graduation, etc. The list goes on and on.

The issue? The tools that I use to do that weren’t going out! When I wasn’t shooting, I was on a plane, refocusing by spending time with family or sleeping. And many of you reading this can replace the travel portion with family. And let’s be real… You have way less time to build your business than I do!

When I was able to transition to Iris Works, my life changed. I no longer have to worry about getting their client style questionnaires sent out or making sure that they’re sending me their outfits. Iris Works does it all for me.

Everything Being in One Place

Have you ever had a time where you swear you wrote down something, but can’t find it anywhere? Yup, that was me too. Every senior client had a different note in my iPhone. I had contracts in one place, information about what they bought in another place and finally it got to be too much.

I needed a place to keep it all in one place. Now with Iris, I have everything in one place and it’s the absolute best thing. I have session notes, session dates and times, information about emails, phone numbers, parent names, etc. all in one place. It is literally a life changer!

Having a To-Do List

It was the day I got the email that said “Hello!! We are wondering if our products are ready? :)”

Yup! They had been for two weeks. But what had happened was that I thought that I had emailed them when I hadn’t. I had absolutely no way of keeping track of every client individually. My to-do list was clumped together with every client and adding to it when I thought of something else without any rhyme or reason. Now I get that this may work for some people, but I was not one of them.

My favorite thing about Iris Works is that I can now look at a client, see what I need to do and even schedule it to show me when I need to do the task! It’s amazing.


It wasn’t that my systems were bad… They were just inefficient. Huge shout out to Meredith and Iris Works for creating this system. It truly is a life saver.

If you’re thinking about switching to Iris Works or need something to save your life from the hectic day-to-day, try out their free trial. PLUS, don’t forget to use code “Sean” at checkout to get 20% off your first year!! Truly, it will change the way you are able to manage your clients and save your sanity, keep you organized and ultimately be able to be there for your clients.

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