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more than just senior photos.

This is for you, juniors!

Capturing your junior and senior years with incredible photos while meeting new friends along the way.

Now Booking Senior Sessions for the Class of 2025

New friends, memories.

everything good about senior photos (then take it & make it even better)

From incredible photoshoots throughout your junior and senior year, to traveling, to meeting new friends, the Senior Team is about making your last couple years of high school even better than you imagined.

It's about more than just getting your picture taken. It's about creating an unforgettable experience and capturing the time leading up to graduation all while building your confidence. It's about you forming friendships with others, being a part of a community that's larger than you, and creating a group that supports and encourages one another.

All the details

photoshoots, team events (like top golf), community & so much more

As part of the Senior Team, not only do you get access to exclusive photo shoots throughout your junior and senior year, you will also get to be part of Team events, a group of friends that support one another  - not to mention getting to have your last two years of high school captured in front of the camera. (And there's no time machine- yet).

Every year we do numerous shoots that go beyond just your individual senior session. Oh yeah, and we travel for shoots too! Did someone say Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and around the PNW?

The best part? All of this is basically a bonus on top of your senior photo session with me There's absolutely no additional cost for the Senior Team.

"I'm Ready to Apply!"

What your friends are saying

The Senior Team is something I've been looking forward to since sophomore year. Seeing Sean's amazing work and adventures you get to be a part of really drew me in. I am a very quiet individual but Sean is amazing at bringing out the best in you and making you feel comfortable and confident. I've enjoyed not only being a part of the Team, but also working with Sean and all the girls involved. So apply and do it!


The Senior Team to me means making bonds with new girls around the area! I’ve met new girls that I’ve grown close to, Ive been able to do some really fun amazing exclusive shoots, and of course I’ve gotten THE best pictures I’ve ever seen of myself! I highly recommend joining the Senior Team if you wanna have lots of fun, meet amazing girls, and get amazing photos! The SBP Senior Team exceeded my expectations!


Being on the senior team is an experience like no other! The girls are all incredibly sweet and are the most fun to shoot with. Sean makes every shoot an absolute blast, even if you’re not 100% comfortable in front of a camera, Sean will make sure to get you looking your best in all the photos he takes! If I could describe the Senior Team in one word it would be unique because this is an experience I would personally not have gotten if I wasn’t on the Team and would not have gotten to meet all the people I have.


Having the opportunity to be on the Senior Team has been amazing! The experience of meeting girls from other high schools, participating in many different photo shoots, and getting a ton of cute pictures has been so worth it. This opportunity is something that will make your last couple years of high school extra special and something you’ll never forget. I have loved my experience with Sean and the rest of the team and I highly recommend being on the Senior Team!


The Senior Team has taught me a lot about teamwork and friendship and has been so much fun! I’m typically a pretty outgoing bubbly person so when my bestie asked me to join the team with her I couldn’t say no. It sounded like a great opportunity to work with an amazing photographer and just have fun with all of my senior photos and remember these last years of high school! 


Being a part of the Senior Team has been so much fun! I've made a lot of new friends I would not have met otherwise and I love being able to have shoots with them and do team events. Being a part of the SBP Senior Team has made my senior year SO much better!


The Senior Team has been SO FUN! If you're considering joining, I highly recommend doing it. I wanted to be a part of it because I am pretty social so getting to meeting new people sounded super fun - and it has been! I also got the amazing opportunity to join the Team with my best friend, so that makes it extra fun! Overall, it's a great opportunity to meet a bunch of sweet people and get amazing quality photos from Sean!


Being on the Senior Team has seriously been the BEST experience. I have always loved SEan's photos and being a part of his Team was awesome. I loved every aspect of it from shooting throughout my junior and senior year to creating new friendships. If you have a chance to join his Team, you should 100% do it! You honestly won't regret it one bit.


Since having joined the Senior Team, it has been better than I ever could have thought. It is an experience! Sean makes you feel so comfortable and confident during your shoots and if you are at all thinking about joining, do it because you will have a blast! Meeting new friends and being able to experience different shoots has been the highlight for me and I'm so glad I joined.


Let's shoot!

Every year as part of the Senior Team, we do a variety of different photo shoots on top of your individual senior photos. This way, you get a variety of images that reflect who you are and capture your last couple years of high school.

In past years, we've done shoots like New Years Eve, Christmas Tree Farm, Project Beauty, Spring Floral Shoots, Pumpkin Patch, Tulip Farm, College T-Shirt shoots and more.

While it seems like a lot, these are spaced out throughout your last two years of high school so that it's not overwhelming. Trust me - I know you have a lot going on and the Senior Team is all about enhancing your senior year, not taking away from it.

Each of these shoots is planned well in advance so that you're able to mark the date on the calendar and not have to worry about scrambling last minute. (Unless we get a sunny day and you get an impromptu bonus shoot because we know how rare sun is in the PNW!)

Plus, the sooner you join the Team, the more photoshoots you get to be a part of!

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"What the Senior Team means to me is...

While the Senior Team means something different for everyone, there are a few common themes for every single person.

The Senior Team goes beyond just senior photos and is about you making the most of your senior year with once in a life time experiences, a team that supports, encourages and motivates one another, and most importantly, giving you the confidence to be who you truly are.

With every client I work with, the biggest thing is capturing who YOU are at this time in your life. As part of the Senior Team, it's all about giving you the permission to be yourself in your photos and to capture your authentic personality throughout your junior and senior year.


Pack your bags!

Want to travel to amazing locations for a fashion-inspired senior photo shoot? As part of the Senior Team, you have the opportunity to head to incredible locations for a once in a lifetime trip.

In year's past, we've headed to places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and all over the Pacific Northwest to create images that continue to set the industry standard.

Swipe through to see some of my favorites from over the years!

You've got questions? I've got some answers!

Still have a question that you don't see but are interested in the Team? The next step of the application process includes me sending you a LOT more information!

So if you're interested and this all sounds ah-mazing, apply! Nothing is final from applying and what I recommend is putting together a solid application, getting all the info and then figuring out if the Senior Team is a good fit for you.

On average, the shoots, team events, and other Senior Team things will take up about 2 hours per quarter (every 3 months). Basically less time than you spend scrolling on TikTok at night :) I know you're busy and the LAST thing the Senior Team is meant to do is overwhelm you.

No worries at all! The Senior Team is as much or as little as you make it. There's no requirement to make every shoot. If you can, awesome! If you can't, that's okay too.

Absolutely not! There is no additional cost to the Senior Team. All that I require is that you use me for senior photos. Basically, you get all of the perks of the Senior Team like the shoots, team events and more AND you get a guaranteed spot on my calendar for no additional cost.

Collections and pricing for both the Senior Team and clients begins at $750 and include a variety of products and digital files. I do offer payment plans as well (see below). So in short, if you try to book me for senior photos and you're not on the Team, I'm gonna send you the exact same pricing. (But you don't get all the shoots)

Most shoots are planned at least one month in advance. The only exception to that are any bonus, impromptu shoots where we get the rare beautiful sunny day in winter and I get the urge to do a creative shoot. For those, anyone who can make it can come.

Whether you're on the Senior Team or a regular client, I never want financial reasons to be why you can't be a part of the SBP Senior experience. I do offer payment plans for all my clients and if you ever have questions, all you have to do is a shoot me a text!

Nope, nope and nope. The shoots are all included as part of the Senior Team. The only time there may be an additional cost is if there is a ticket involved (i.e. pumpkin patch) but these are very minimal. If you ever need any help with covering this, just holler. Destinations are separate.

Rolling applications are open until March 1st or until all spots on the Team are filled. Because I only work with a select group on the Senior Team, I do cap the number of people that are on it every year. If you want to be on it, apply now! The sooner you apply, the more shoots you get to do.

In a typical year, the Senior Team will be capped at 15 (plus or minus a few). This way it's not too small that you already know everyone, but not so big that you also don't get to know everyone. If you have a friend you want to apply with, put that down on your application and chances are I'll find room for the both of you even if we're close to filling the Team.

Of course!! Just make sure to apply at the same time and put each other's name down. As long as you fill out a complete, thoughtful application and you are a good fit for the Senior Team, you'll both be good to go.

Applications are closed

We are now booking for class of 2025 senior sessions in summer and fall!

Hit the contact button below and I'll give you all of the details including how you can still be a part of the most sought after senior photo experience in the PNW.


Limited spots available

priority applications are closed but we're still taking individuals on a space available basis!

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