The SBP Senior Team is about more than just getting your picture taken. It's centered around creating an unforgettable experience and capturing the time leading up to your senior year of high school through photography.  It's about you forming friendships with other SBP Seniors, being a part of a community that's larger than you, and creating a group that supports and encourages one another.

What is the

senior team

The SBP Senior Team is all about you making connections and being a part of something more than just senior photos.

Starting your junior year of high school, you'll have access to exclusive Senior Team group shoots, the opportunity to travel with the Senior Team & your family to places like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, plus access to exclusive Team events & more!

As part of the Senior Team, you'll have the chance to go above and beyond your senior year and be a part of memories that will last far beyond high school.

Why join the

senior team

The Senior Team is unlike anything else in the Pacific Northwest. 

The biggest thing with the Senior Team is that it's just that... a TEAM. One of the reasons that I do the Senior Team every year is because of the connections that I've seen the team form with one another year after year.

Not only that, but you'll have the chance to be nationally published in magazines like Senior Style Guide, the leading industry publication, styled group shoots that are unmatched, have access to perks that only the Team has access to, and being a part of events that are invite only.

Want to hear what past Senior Team individuals have said? Check it out below!

Why we're different

The reviews

The Senior Team to me means making bonds with new girls around the area! I’ve met new girls that I’ve grown close to, Ive been able to do some really fun amazing exclusive shoots, and of course I’ve gotten THE best pictures I’ve ever seen of myself ! I highly recommend joining the Senior Team if you wanna have lots of fun, meet amazing girls, and get amazing photos ! The SBP Senior Team exceeded my expectations!


The Senior Team to me means that I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with the best senior photographer in the Vancouver area alongside some pretty amazing girls! Senior year marks a huge chapter in your life and the Senior Team was the perfect way to capture this. I wanted to be apart of of the Senior Team because this was something I knew I could only do once in my life and that it was too big of an opportunity to pass up!


Being on the SBP Senior Team has truly made my senior year so special! From meeting new girls who go to different schools, picking out fun and cute outfits, and getting amazing photos, I am so grateful I became a part of this team! 


The Senior Team has been such an amazing experience because I was able to meet lots of new friends and be surrounded by a positive environment whenever working with Sean. I would recommend joining the SBP Senior Team if you want to have a memorable experience and receive amazing photos too!


I wanted to be on the senior team because I saw the 2019 Team and saw all of the fun shoots and events they got to do and I wanted to have that opportunity too. I am so glad that I am apart of this team and was able to meet so many fun new people and doing awesome shoots outside of just senior photos. It really helped me to be more outgoing and brought me out of my comfort zone!


The Senior Team is not just about the awesome photo shoots but it’s also such a good way to meet to people from different schools in your area! You really get to bond with all the girls and Sean! It’s an amazing experience and I would do it all over again!


The Senior Team has been amazing and I’m so happy I’ve gotten the chance to be apart of it! I expected to just have photo shoots but it’s really so much more. I’ve made new friends, had a blast at shoots and have done fun events! it has all been a great experience and I’m very thankful I’m apart of it.


The Senior Team is a great way to step out side your comfort zone and meet new people, it also boost your self-confidence. It’s a great way to start senior year. It gives you a good understanding on what your senior pictures will be like. Being on the Senior Team is an absolute blast, especially with Sean as your photographer!


Being apart of the Senior Team has been so great, not only because of the fun extra photo shoots you get, but the wonderful friendships you make as well. It’s been so fun getting to know other girls from around Clark County, and spend time taking pictures and bonding with them throughout my senior year!


Being on the Senior team was such a fun and rewarding experience. I always had a great time at shoots and not only did I get amazing photographs but I got to create memories and new friendships with other girls on the team.



SBP Senior Team Destinations are for those looking to take their senior portrait experience to the next level. At SBP, we are excited to offer our SBP Senior Team the exclusive opportunity to travel to amazing locations for fashion, editorial shoots that are guaranteed to be different from all of your friends' senior photos. For Destinations, we travel to cities that are known worldwide for their portrait locations to provide you the once in a lifetime chance to have photos that look like they're meant for the pages of a magazine publication.

Bringing you locations you can't find anywhere else.

Group shoots

During the course of the year, the SBP Senior Team has the opportunity to be a part of exclusive group shoots that are only offered to the Team. These shoots bring the team together and you walk away with amazing, styled images that include several different concepts throughout the year. The best part about this is that it's one of the perks of being on the Team. 

Check out some of the shoots that past SBP Senior Teams have done.

the shoots



With every team we kick off the SBP Senior Team with a winter shoot! In the past we have done studio shoots. Studio images are exclusive to the SBP Senior Team where we do looks that are both glam and styling that should be on the pages of a fashion magazine.


Spring shoot

At SBP, I believe that your group photoshoots should be magazine worthy. That's why many of our shoots are nationally published in the industry's leading senior magazine for their unique concepts and stunning imagery.

In the past, we've done Urban Grunge, Pretty Pastels, Bold Boho, Coachella, Floral and Retro shoots. Every year I change it up, but every year you're guaranteed amazing images that set the standard.




The Americana shoot takes place before Fourth of July every year and is a time for you to wear your red, white & blue with pride. While the theme is the same, we change it up each year with different concepts that are rooted in American tradition.



want to be a part of the team?

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