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Sean Brown delivers a senior photo experience that is unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. Considered one of the top senior photographers in the nation, Sean brings every one of his seniors' personalities to life through their photographs and makes sure each photo session is unique to you. Over the past several years of specializing in high school senior photography, he has refined his style to deliver you images that are fresh, modern and capture who you are as a person at this important milestone in your life!

Sean Brown delivers a senior photo experience that is unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. Click below to find out how to be a part of the ultimate senior photo experience and become an SBP Senior.

Located in Vancouver, WA. Available for travel.

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Nationally featured


Named one of the Top 100 Senior Photographers in the nation by Senior Style Guide Magazine back-to-back years.

Voted one of the Top 3 Up & Coming Senior Photographers by Senior Style Guide Magazine.

Voted one of the Top 5 Male Senior Photographers in 2015 by Senior Style Guide Magazine.

the next big thing in senior photography...

Senior Year Films bring your passion and personality to life through motion pictures. These are FILMS where every detail is planned out, edited with the perfect musical score and showcase your talents and passions that have been a part of you throughout your entire life.

You're only a senior once and as you embark on college and life ahead, you will change as a person. Motion pictures are authentic, they're real and they're an amazing way to story tell who you are, your accomplishments in life so far and ultimately provide a memory to reflect back upon down the road.

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The SBP Senior Rep Team is more than just about getting your picture taken. It's about being a part of something bigger than just senior photos.