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Modern Teen Style Top 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers – Leading Legend Judge   When Vickie, the editor in-chief of Modern Teen Style Magazine, asked me to be the Leading Legend Judge for this year’s Top 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers contest, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I had such a great time being […]

This is the million dollar question. “I know how to shoot photos, but when it comes to video, I have no freaking clue!” I hear you! While photo and video seem so different, they’re pretty similar! But with everything, there are differences between the two. We all know that video is so powerful and this […]

Kelli I Class of 2019 Ridgefield High School – Portland Oregon Senior Photographer Kelli has been a part of the SBP Senior Team for the Class of 2019 and she’s alright… Just kidding. I have loved working with Kelli and her family throughout this year and her senior session was no different! Kelli has a […]

Following up on the previous of Why You Should Be Doing Senior Destinations, I wanted to make a post about the mistakes that we made during our first shoot! These are things that we have since refined as we’re now on our fourth annual destination shoot, but when you’re starting out, you don’t always know […]